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21 April 2008


A beautiful poem, Shuna. Everyone has layers of protection of some kind, and I think that what you are saying so eloquently is that sometimes they are not enough to protect you. In fact, sometimes they must be stripped.

You are now my favorite poet.
In 37 years I have never had a favorite poet... But now, you are she.


Can I just echo what Chris wrote?! I absolutely loved this. It was like drinking in something luscious and delicious and getting intoxicated with it but such that my mind and spirit got clearer, not foggier. I felt more alive by the time I got to the end. It seeps right in and courses through your veins and rushes in a swift current right into your it, love it, love it! Thank you!

Ohhhh...yum. Just, mo f'in yumsigh.

I have those days too, sometimes.
And your photos! Ahh!

What a poem to end my day...:)

How do you know me? Reading the truth and beauty of your words made me feel exposed, touched, in love and grateful. Thank you.

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