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19 April 2008


Yep, wholeheartdly agreed. I wrote something along these line after one difficult night when I wanted to strangle the Exec. chef and kiss him at the same time :)

so happy you've found your home. :)

I'm a friend of Brian Sharp's and have been reading your blog of late.

And it's posts like this one that really make me want to quit my tech job and go back to working the line. Glad to hear you found a place that makes you feel this way. I remember (and miss) the feelings you are describing.

oh how jealous am I now... I think that applies to any aspects in life and not only to work. to be passionate about something in life is so difficult yet so rewarding. to feel committed to something or someone... it feels one soul. I had that same love and commitment in my last job. I would have done anything for my chef and I feel he would have done anything for me.

Check, check, check, and check! As a starter cook, this is the best informal guideline I've seen yet. I currently work at a place that makes me feel this way, but am thinking of moving to a new opportunity. Am I crazy?

Congratulations on finding a happy home that makes you feel crazy with passion again. I'm really happy and excited for you.

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