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30 May 2008


And I can say that it was one of the best cream style pies I have ever tasted!!!

oohhhhh... brown butter at the end? ooohhhh... need a piece now!

Mmmm. Shuna's CCPie not available :( Must get self to Random Order ...

holy crap, my mouth is watering. and GODDAMN!
(btw, the infused pastry cream section? such a great tip! thanks!)

Oh, my. Sounds delicious, and this post has a wealth of information in it. Thanks.

MMmmmmmmm....looks amazing!

Regarding the statement that white sugar doesn't go well with coconut - I tend to agree. I cook a lot of Thai food, and the sugar used for balancing flavors in the dishes using coconut is typically palm sugar, which has almost a "caramelly" kind of flavor. It's not something you could use in baking probably (texture all wrong), but I do like the way it marries with the flavor of coconut.


I'm so glad you commented on this. ACTUALLY, I have been known to use an assortment of "jaggeries" for my desserts: palm sugar, coconut sugar, mystery sugar... My favorite is coconut sugar when I can find it on Clement street.

Perhaps one day you'll share some of your green mango secrets with us and a new dessert will be born. ~ Shuna

am i to understand that instead of coconut cream/milk, you infused the flavor into the dairy cream/milk? how did it come out? was the flavor more subtle, or intense? if you can get some fresh coconut meat slivers, i would recommend stirring in some into the custard, and maybe pairing it with some fresh/caramelized bananas or caramelized pineapple - then, all you'll need is a tropical beach paradise.


Great guess! I did indeed infuse the toasted coconut in with the cow dairies. I knew I could heat those hotter than the coconut milk (safely). I would say the flavor was neither subtle nor intense, but rather "enriched" or "more pronounced" or "deeper."

Thanks for the suggestions. But for Coconut Cream Pie it is best to keep "raw" fruits out of the mixture for food-safety reasons. It's important that all ingredients come to the same temperature at the same time to insure the custard will not spoil from the inside-out.

In a plated dessert it would be lovely to marry all these components to order, though, yes. Also, another idea would be to infuse the dairy with bananas, and also pass them out of the mixture like the coconut. This is how I make a most intense banana ice cream... ~ Shuna

hell to the yes!

Shuna! this filling is very similar to what i would use for my coconut cake---take that same filling, chill on a 1/2 sheet...make a moist sour cream based cake, soak those layers with a coconut simple syrup, spread that goodness between the cake layers...topped with an infused coconut whipped cream (just toasted coconut steeped in cream overnight, strained)...toasted coconut all over.

take That, shag!
(will i get in trouble for that?) hee hee...
if brown butter would only ask me to marry... i would!

rock on rock star!


I am so wanting to make this, but Cameron loathes coconut. {sigh}

Anita, But I hear you have loads of friends... ~ Shuna

Omg...Melanie...I almost fell out of my seat...
"will i get in trouble for that"
She's not omnipresent...LOL!

i can say goddamn.
this sounds amazing and the enthusiasm behind this post does nothing to dissuade me from trying to make my own version (someday, sigh).

i am a great fan of this blog and your excellent writing style.



Wonderful pie...wish I had a piece right now. I have to infuse the dairies with the coconut for the better half in coconut-ish desserts (it's a texture thing, he says) but if you were to leave this up to me, it would be breakfast every other day!! Brown butter makes the world go rounder!!

Mmmm...maybe this will coalesce into a recipe you'll share? Mmmm....

not to push my idea, but i do understand your concern about fresh coconuts - they do spoil easily. Here in the Philippines, we do have a variety of (mutant) coconut that we call "macapuno" or coconut sport. the meat is scored into strings and cooked in sugar syrup. I wonder if this(or if regular coconut prepared the same way) would work well stirred into the custard while on the stove?

we do have a local dessert called "buko pie" or "coconut pie" made with fresh young coconut meat and baked with custard and a double crust.


Feel free to bring me any and all of the above when you have a minute. We have a local ice cream shop where Buko is my favorite flavour! ~ Shuna

Yesiree, boiled nectar sugars (coconut, palm,etc) go wonderfully with coconut. The traditional Javanese sugars are soft, not hard, and taste slightly smoky from the many hours they are boiled over a coconut husk fire. My favorite drink while pregnant(the one that I had to have every day) was es cendol, which has coconut milk, coconut or palm sugar, pandan and slimy green tapioca worms. Yum. Send over your address and I'll send you some Javanese coconut sugar if you like.

You know what pie I made a year ago with the crust from your class? Coconut Cream! ...with raspberries and ganache too.

I'm inspired and going to go make crust!

Oh wow. Wow. Coconut Cream is, for me, the ultimate pie. It's one of those pies where it's either god-awful or absolute bliss. Your pie = absolute bliss to the 100th power. I'm off to the kitchen to tweak my favorite recipe!

Is this how you used the vanilla beans I brought you from Madagascar?


I could make a coconut cream pie every day for the next year nd still I wouldn't be able to use up your generous gift of aromatic vanilla beans! I imagine I will be using them in everything I want to flavour and scent fro some time to come... Nice to see your voice here at Eggbeater! ~ Shuna

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