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03 May 2008


shuna, I think the excitement over macarons is due to how temperamental they are and so versatile at the same time. it's almost like a lover I once had. the more distant and cold he was, the closer I wanted to be to him. macarons allow for so many variations and combinations... like you say, plated desserts have no recipes. that's how I feel about macarons. they can be a plated dessert unto themselves. they admit so many flavor, texture and even color combinations... endless possibilities, all in one bite. I hope you enjoyed the pink peppercorn macarons. their color was from all natural red food coloring made from beet juice!!

You took the words rigt out of my mouth! I never understood what the fuss was all about. I like making them but I don't like eating them that much. I like playing with the colors and flavors. Natural ingredients are what I prefer but customers seem to want red hot high heels where I'd rather wear flats. I have the post you wrote on Pierre Herme a while back saved among my favorite pieces of writing.

Where are my manners? Thank you for the mention and link :)

Hi Shuna,
Great post! So timely, as macarons have been on my mind ever since the conversation we had after the caramel class.

What is the pastel green filling in the pink peppercorn macarons in the photo? Its such a pretty combination... they look yummy!

Hello Rachelle,
I seem to remember these Pierre Herme macaron being filled with pistachio creme. Yummy doesn't even begin to describe how those macaron were. ~ Shuna

I have been reading your blog for a while and just love it. I am a painter and former pastry chef and relate so much to your stories. This one about macaron really hit home for me. I worked for one of those temperamental chefs who loved them and remember tray after tray coming out of the oven only to meet with his wrinkled-up nose disapproval: "Too much cracking!", or "Too thin!" etc. And all the while I thought, "But they taste like nothing special!!" All that fuss . . . but what an adventure. Thank you Shuna for your intelligent, thorough, hilarious commentary on this bigger than life dessert, and thank you also for links to recipes where they're doing it better.

Hi there

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I've been meaning to have a go at these for quite a while, but it looks like the kind of thing I'd like to dedicate an entire sunday to, so that I'm not rushed. Of course that hasnt happened in such a long time! Hopefully sometime soon! I really love these, I have a sweet tooth and I'm just an absolute almond lover, any kind of frangipane or almondy thing will get me going.

For the record, I LOVE macarons. I think, for me, it's a texture thang. Yum. Thanks for the link.

I know all about the problems that can arise making these things, but they really are worth it in the end. I actually wrote about the Bouchon recipe (the same as the one from TFL???). The first time was a disaster, but the second time turned out to be fantastic.

The best macaron I've ever tasted was a curry macaron from a small P√Ętisserie outside the Luxembourg Gardens... Damn good.

I've only tried to make these once, and I tanked. I have to give it another go sometime.

I made a few flavors for the first time and they are not easy first time.. I tanked too.. but they are simply the best..

I had a scone/macaron before at a Bodum cafe... OMGosh it was delish...

GJ, I have inserted a link to your post about Macaron because I want everyone to see, not just me. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment! Your blog is gorgeous. ~ Shuna

Yes, Miette makes one of the best macarons...that was where I got my inspiration first and then Pierre Herme came along.

I just have to say that if you are ever in Portland Oregon, go to Pix Patisserie. They have the best fleur de sel caramel macarons I have ever had!

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