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02 May 2008


Thanks Shuna. Added to my favorites. Great info. May is particularly interesting time for seafood. May is Shad Roe, Soft Shell Crabs, Wild Halibut, Salmon, Black Cod and Lobsters....

I'm definitely signing up. I also love my fruits and am a strong believer in seasonality. I wish I was a better gardner because I feel theres something so zen like the rare times that I do it. most of us live disconnected from the earth and that is in part why I think sometimes we feel lost in the world. you have inspired me to get dirt in my fingers this weekend.

There is nothing like baking with big fat juicey strawberries one picked. This week I discovered hundreds of loquat trees in town and found out that a friend had a tree loaded with fruit and she was going to let them be...Not!! Great info about the newsletter!

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