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07 May 2008


So many lovely sentiments here, but this is my favorite: Watching Spring stay and slowly hand hold summer in.

If you go 'elsewhere', you have to take us with you.

Keep hanging on! I'm rooting for ya'!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful posts. You are a true inspiration to many that read your blog. This last post is a bit of an anthem for many people in many areas of life that share your frustration. Recently, a new album from a band by the name of Langhorne Slim, put a song out there called Diamonds and Gold. I would like to gift this to you. It is a powerful and fun song that many are understanding during these tough times. The song will be sent via itunes to your email. Enjoy and many many thanks.

Oh Shuna... I want to give you a hug so badly. I feel everything you are saying... from the state of the world, to making ends meet, to reconciling your career and a stable life, to rolling pastry dough in a 90 degree room (that one I REALLY felt!). Like my sister in law told me the other day, "let's not worry about the future because the future is only the present". Easy to say right? But I think it's true.

We love your honesty and freedom but I know sometimes that same honesty might bring you heartache. It's the only way to really be free though.

All I can say is that I will be here to listen and to support you in any way I can.

Thank you Shuna.

the sentence about seeing friends so that butter and flour aren't your only comrades makes me tear. approaching raw ingredients from another angle, i also know the feeling.
it's a push-and-pull to create work in this (or any) medium that we choose and then balance time with others who sustain and inspire us.
please keep doing what you're doing.

Amen, sister. Know that you are not alone with your doubts and fears. I think many people share them including myself. Also, know that you are not alone. I cannot tell how much I enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

As summer approaches I feel the same anxiety and the same skips in my heart. Right now it's "going back to hell hole because my blood misses it so bad it hurts, or not going back to hell hole even if I was nicel asked to consider it"...mmmm
Whatever you decide I know you will excel at it!

Shuna, you have a good heart. A *strong* heart. Sometimes challenges are just what we need to realize what awesome people we are inside. I can't wait for you to come out on top on the other side of these days and say, "Damn! It was a little iffy there for a bit, but whew! I rock." 'Caaaaaause you do.

Baby steps: don't miss the lessons. *HUG*

This is a fine piece of writing. Clear, quiet, and brave. And from the many comments, I can see that you reach many people. You give them something. Shuna, you are the real deal!!

Hi !!!

Hey, it's been awhile since I checked in here - crazy busy in my own orbit. Just want to tell you how much your solliloque resonates. You have an incredible talent and an incredible blog. Thank the universe for fresh fruit. Keep going!

Hey Girl...
It ain't nothin but a thing. The world dips and swoops and dispairs and celebrates and rises back to unexpectedly shake and rumble...who would've thought. It's still revolving around that axis...amazing. Your reality is your own and you create it as such. A wise woman once told me that creative people don't need a lot of money. I've always held that thought with both hands. Don't let anticipation of your future tarnish your now. It will all come together. Just you wait and see.
I do enjoy you.

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