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16 June 2008


Awww, little bunny is sleeping.


Ahh! My first reaction to the photo was, "Did she really put a picture of a dead baby bunny front and center on her blog?!"
Then I thought, wait, this is the way it is. This is nature. This is good. Honest. And from a dog's point of view, this is fantastic stuff. How wonderful to watch your city dog tap into his instincts on the farm...
Also, I can smell the eucalyptus, the hay, and the marine layer. For some reason I have it in my head you're up near the Marin Headlands. No idea if you are, but that's what I picture. Breath deep!

i grew up going to my grandparents farm every sunday and sometimes farm life was a bit too harsh for me to understand. it was not empathetic, gentle...

Haha...just broke down 30 rabbits the other day....

I swear my bunny can smell the blood on me when I get home.

Yes, such is life, and may I inform you that I saw a (the?!) squirrel this morning gorging itself on fruit outside the treehouse. I wonder, wonder, wonder. For you I would almost consider employing a slingshot.

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