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17 June 2008


A chef who opens a restaurant must be prepared to split himself/herself in two. While still being the creative cook the necessity exists to also be the accountant. I could never imagine why a person would open a restaurant without having the chef as a partner; for if the food is great the chances greater for that chef to go forward and move on...however on the other hand should a chef desire to open a restaurant - it is a business.

it requires a business plan, money from investors and banks and hence the two personalities must meld. Or u face the possibility that u will fail on the business end. Your creativity as a chef never dies, but your business can. Just look at Vancouvers famed Rob Feenie. Lumiere was his claim to fame and then opened feenies ultimately he lost control and his hired accountant f__ed up. He paid the price big time - fired from his namesake restaurant by his investors.

My kids are artists, my husband a lawyer, accountant and bankruptcy trustee: ie business oriented while I am both. He is unable to see the creative side to a business and my kids are unable to see the business side. They would do well in business together. Unfortunately my husband would and could suceed on his own in business - my kids could not. They do not have a clue about what it takes to run a profitable business and a restaurant is the hardest business in which to turn a profit. A restaurant is one of the few business, in my opinion, that cannot be successfully run without being co-owned by both.

We all have our demons; but a survivor of one catastrophic event, be it a drunk father or a pill popping mother will survive no matter what else happens to them; to survive once gives the human spirit the necessary strength to survive again and again.

Dreams should never be just that; if the desire is stronger than the ability, the ability comes along. I know this because my brother is living proof that desire that outweighs ability is the strongest force there is and the ability has no choice but to grow.

Life is always a verb, for some it is lived easy and others live it harder; there are mountains and crevices and we all in a lifetime experience both.

I love to read ur blog because you are gifted in your writing and i have no doubt you are gifted in the kitchen, in fact i would not be at all surprised if you are a gifted artist with paint as your medium, too.

The arts are the arts no matter what the medium or media. But owning and running a business is a whole other avenue.

This parent metaphor appeals to me at the moment. (Well, it would, wouldn't it?) I am thinking a lot these days about similar things from another direction -- that is, how parents are somehow expected to be "in control" of everything, everything, when in fact there are, as you note, a lot of people and a lot of egos involved in raising even just one child (/restaurant/creative project of your choice).

I also think about editing/curating vs. writing (painting, photographing...)

And, of course, I think a lot about just grappling with the unknown. Dreams can feel so concrete, can't they? For some people, I imagine they need to feel that way, in order to get born in the first place. But it's an illusion.

There's a tension there. And also the tension of: this is a process, not a result. The restaurant is born, but that's just the beginning. It took so much work to get to...the beginning.

I'm kinda woolgathering here. I hope you don't mind.

It is creepy how your posts are perfectly timed to random events at the restaurant I'm working at here on the other coast.

You should just write a book.

Addiction certainly plays a role for some people in our industry. And addiction has a way of actually destroying spark or passion. Addicts often discover in getting sober that they need others to be truly successful.

I feel I must add that a "restaurant" is a living thing that is also a team, so those on the team should be mindfully chosen. And the management of that team, when it is successful, operates to "lift up" and reinforce those individuals as members of something bigger than themselves.

An example of this-- this year before every game the Celtics focused on "ubuntu"- "I am, because you are". They played as a team, they won as a team and the strengths of each player were lifted up-- it wasn't just about one "star". Management/ownership made that their philosophy.

We all need our team (BOH, FOH) to get us through and help us realize the dual vision of excellent food/excellent service that the best restaurants provide. Without strong leaders and a committed team, that "baby" will not grow.

You don't scare me ;-)

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