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19 June 2008


It's funny how we always look at time in nature as 'time away.' It's only during that time that we realize we have been 'away' for our entire lives... we wake up every morning in an 'away' place, shower and go work in an 'away' kitchen, talk to our 'away' friends. We live away from the reality that is the natural world, and this 9 to 5 (or much longer span of hours if you're a chef) is the real illusion.

I used to think about this often when I lived in Santa Fe. I'd climb up one of my favorite mountains alone, (because it costs so much money to live there I couldn't afford to do anything else in my free time except hike), and look down at that little speck of a city in the middle of the dry high dessert... what an illusion.

What reason does that place exist with its art galleries and real estate when there's no natural source of water to support such a population?

So then, every time I'd return to that illusion I was like Moses walking down the mountain with a new set of commandments from the Almighty... a new set of rules and a new attitude.

Sure, time goes by and we live in our illusion again and become comfortable with it and yes, I have broken some of those 'new' commandments, but everytime I'm out in the trees, or on the beach, or walking through God's territory I am reminded of this, and I scoop a handful of ashes from the Ark to resurrect a promise or two.

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