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24 June 2008


Ooh, you're framing such gorgeous images with your brand new lens...

I'm very happy for you.

(and also a teeny bit jealous)


I am soo jealous...before cameras became digital, i took a course in photography using black and white manual camera and even developed my own film: digital is a whole other animal (no pun intended)but so much cheaper to develop!!

YAY, new lens! Way fun. :-)

oh, congrats. the 100mm? It's my favorite.

Anita! No, the 60... ~ Shuna

STUNNINGLY beautiful!!!

I'm getting a new lens but I have to wait until my birthday next month. But I know it is in the box the postman delivered to my husband this morning.

I like the summer grasses series.

i watched the slideshow and it was pure nostalgia.

who takes a picture of an old hand mixer? You do! Love it!

You are soooooo welcome! Enjoy the lens as much as we and many will enjoy your photos!! D & E

that's fantastic!

I love my 100mm but I am re-learning my 50mm and I am having a lot of fun. I know why you dig the 60mm: it rocks! That's my next purchase whenever Santa comes around next :)

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