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20 June 2008


Great timing - I am heading up to Napa today! Trying out BarbersQ for lunch but I have been wanting to get to Ubuntu so now I'll have double the effort. Thanks for the tips!

sue bette, excellent! have so much fun! save room for dessert at Ubuntu-- everything on the menu works seamlessly! ~ Shuna

I like your new banner!

I have never been to Napa. Now I am dying to go.
I like the new masthead.

Marusya, thank you! I am trying it all on for size and feel... ~ Shuna

Look! I'm famous in the internet! Neat.

I like new mast, yar.


sounds like heaven... and let me tell you... I love the new banner!

We went to Ubuntu last Saturday for a vegan tasting menu. It was absolutely delectable -- we licked every plate clean!

Congratulations on a beautiful new masthead. It works deliciously with the orange. Makes me think of creamsicle ice cream with raspberry ice, citrus and beet Hibiscus soda. Yum!

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