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07 July 2008


I made this crisp with peaches and blackberries. It was FANTASTIC except I cooked it in a cast iron pan and my teeth have been black ever since.

Also more or less followed this for basic blackberry jam.

Also just freezing a ton of berries for later.

I always adore a berry clafoutis, yum.

Serve with Rose scented whipped cream?
berry sauce or jam?
berry buttermilk sherbert?
freezer jam?
Serve with sour cream ice cream?
Make syrup (with herbs?)
Happy to share any recipes that interest you...

why not preserve them and sell them via eggbeater and put it toward the ice cream maker you want. or make infused vinegars? or infuse some alcohol of sorts. yeah that would be nice pick me up in the fall, the fresh slap of summer in a jar.

definitely jam. maybe some with herbs even.

I've been thinking about Blackberry gastrique for the past month or so. Up north here, it's looking like it will be another month or so before all those "weeds" feed the masses...

Summer Pudding! A great way to use up lots of berries, although I also second the trifle idea. Also fools, slumps, and other blobbies.

Sorbet, cornmeal muffins with berries, white peach and berry crostada, freeze for later, sauce for ice cream (or something else)

I made jam with my berries. And made Jami Oliver's Nada cake with berries and olive oil. And then I my freezer reminded me of him being here, so I will most certainly freeze the rest for the cold winter days.

Have a wonderful day, Shuna!

What a glorious problem, too many berries! One that I unfortunately have never faced.

If I did, I would probably make preserves and give them to all my friends. Saving several jars for myself, of course.

Lori. Although in about a year I imagine your household should be buying cases of fruit from Monterey Market, no? xo ~ Shuna

Oven pancake with overdose of berries. Shortcake. One-crust pie. Freeze some for wintertime. On top of ricotta pancakes. Crisps/cobblers.

Now anybody know what to do with an excess of mulberries? My tree pumps a big bowl out daily for about 6 weeks!

prinbsn. MUBERRIES?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Find your local pastry chef and give them to her/him. Mulberries can be pureed and frozen and saved as a sweetener for many things... they are especially nice paired with buttery cake and reduced vinegar syrup. Mmmmmm mulberries! ~ Shuna

galettes, pudding cakes, sorbets, compotes for petit suisse, and of course, jams, jams, jams!

those berries, shallot minced, red oak, a light vinaigrette of orange juice and virgin olive oil, salt. Maybe oil cured olives. maybe bread. maybe you reading to me.


Vincent Mack, are you flirting with me? ::blush:: /flattered. I'm open, and taking applications currently for dates... ~ Shuna

Yeah...ahem - I mean yes I was. Too far away though. Your writing is brilliant and so are the pictures. And the recipes. And the poetry, and the...

Vincent, thank you. flattery will get you everywhere, is what I say. too far? what is it, 2 hours by plane? anything is possible. ~ Shuna

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