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21 July 2008


and they have a big vat of salty caramels by the register... it's a dangerous place :)

LOL - I didn't get to that Blue Bottle, but I did get a cup of fabulous drip coffee from their stand at the Ferry Market the other day.

And, I was really happy to get to meet you in SF!

I love Blue Bottle -- LOVE. I fear I addicted now, actually ... nothing else will do!

And I saw your mention in the Times y'day - congrats! How fun.

My friend Kristin and I visited on Friday morning and were similarly blown away; the decaf latte I had was so insanely good it's easy to imagine that the hi-test would be off the charts. I didn't get a brioche, but I did return on Sunday morning for another latte and asked a patron who got two if I could photograph his filter-encased jewels with my iPhone. :-)

Oh my gosh! You make it sound like a little nosh of heaven!!

It was amazing being able to spend some time with you during the UnConference! I got so much from you and the rest of the people there, and it has energized me to look at things in a new and exciting way.

You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you! And I'm looking forward to reading through your blog! You have such a great voice in your writing.

I've been reading your blog for a while, and noticed via Twitter that we have Sarah Dopp in common as a friend. (she's nifty!)

I happened to be at 9th and Mission today and recalled reading this post earlier this morning, so actually walked from there all the way down to Jessie x Mint to get a mocha at Blue Bottle. HOLY COW. You were right, it's the best mocha I've ever had in my life. Well, also the most $ I've ever paid for a mocha in my life, but WHOO BOY is it worth it. Thank you for the recommendation!

Imagine what it's like when you work across the street from this place? I have been ruined ...

My friend Magpie Musing was in town for BlogHer, and I insisted she have Blue Bottle when she was here. I would have rather taken her to the kiosk or the Cafe, but we settled on the Ferry Terminal. She was blown away by the line of dedicated fans and the efforts made in every drink.
I'm glad you made it to the Cafe. It's an expensive habit, but it's totally worth it.

Does this make me the devil? Okay...maybe just a little devlish...but we deserved it for the five times we circled Union Square, and for the grey hair I get everytime I drive thru downtown SF. After all that the cost didn't seem so high. I am WORTH it!

Correction: WE ARE WORTH IT!

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