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10 July 2008


Well it's about time!!!
9 months later...

Oh my, Snickerdoodles! This one brings back memories =) These were the cookies my mom always made. Don't see them around much anymore. Thanks for sharing the recipe...Makes me hungry for them again.

And to think I have only had/made them for the first time last year...and fell in love with them instantly! Lovely!

I am going to have to borrow this Shuna!!!

Speaking of Brown Sugar Kitchen..will you be participating with them in the Women of Taste for Girls Inc. in Sept? If so I hope we can run into each other as I will be there representing my place of employment.

SB, good to know about-- will see if I can make it possible... It would be lovely to meet you in person indeed! ~sfl

I grew up eating Snickerdoodles as it is the State Cookie for Connecticut. Mine don't turn out so flat which I like, will try them again. Thanks.

thank you for this entry!
after almost a year, my apartment construction finished last week. i finally took a deep non-sheetrock-dust-filled breath, opened my sexy new italian convection oven, and the first thing i made was several batches of snickerdoodles.
these take me back.
the method is simple and i like that they are crisp, chewy, and tender.

using Ceylon cinnamon from Rainbow's bulk section really sets the standard for cinnamon sugar.
but dont fear when i say i also messed with the original to make some cinnamon-variations.

i was inspired by another post in which you describe adding rosy cinnamon baharat to a B'steya.
the rose petals ground with the cinnamon sugar may have been sitting in my pantry too long, but a fresher mixture may have potential in the future.

another batch was rolled in a spicy Turkish baharat.
cinnamon was def the predominant flavor, but the mix of cardamom, coriander, clove, nutmeg, and fresh-dried turmeric was very yummy.

hooray for cookies baked in a convection oven!

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