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03 July 2008


You really gave it a good sell--I just put it on my list at the library!

Ariel Gore is neato! I haven't read this particular book (although I'll get to it...), but I love her other stuff, which I have been reading recently b/c it's about, well, moms and kids and things, you know.

Hi Eggbeater,
Thanks for this breath of delight and determination. I hope you enjoy that roll in the bed. I'll look for the book this weekend.

Hello Caroline. Lovely comment here. Thank you so much. ~ Shuna

Sounds wonderful and you do know how to make it sound wonderful. If you were in love with a toad, your prose would make me fall in love with it too :)

Tartelette! You are the sweetest little ramekin of joy! I laughed aloud at this comment! Thank you for some silly joy... ~ Shuna

i will definitely be adding this to my recommends list...any book that compels the reader to read it way too fast has got to be a good one.

actually, unlike you, I am a huge non-fiction book reader so I am SURE I will love this book. I feel like I'm at ease with my life now but for some reason I keep getting drawn to self-help books... have a thing for deepak chopra... thanks for sharing this with us!

If it weren't the Fourth of July and the stores were open-I would go buy this book before I got into bed. But tomorrow is another day, and I will be at Barnes & Noble at 9am. Thanks, I needed a kick in the pants.

Thanks for this irresistible recommendation! (Though I have to say - I already think of you as a "famous writer...")

Is that the Ariel Gore of Hip Mama fame? If so, must find the book!

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