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01 July 2008


so funny to see this post, it resonated - e is going to shake shack for lunch today, lucky dog. we are off to maine for some lobstah this wkend. come visit us! nyc is missing you too.
love, melissa xo

Yeah - got the ice cream this time!
Happy July.

What about the fire & grease? With the lead in of sun, beach, suntan lotion? There's the smell of grease floating about, the one where you can get yourself the "burger & fries" on the beach? The smell of the grill!

mmMmMmMm, grill.


ps - I don't use RSS feeds. I just 'know' when you post.

Biggles! you kill me. you kill you.
added! amended! thank you! xo ~ Shuna

This represents July very well. The only part I don't like is cigarettes. And that's just because I don't like them.


Yes I hate smoking too, but you Must know, especially from being in Long Island, that no beach in NY is complete without boomboxes, cigarettes and loud drinkers. whether we like it or hate it, they make up the landscape and thus the collage of the experience. ~ Shuna

And No.30 on the tattoos!

You're so right on: cicadas and
fireflies. That's my childhood, every summer, summed up. I can still conjure up the cascading whirs of cicadas in my mind's ear, if I try. It makes me oddly sad. I miss the sounds of the east in summer. And I miss fireflies too. Thanks for a beautiful post. Lisa

It was 8pm last night when he said "let's get the creek boat and go for a ride" was magical. And it was much needed since I was being very nostalgic of my summers back home. It was a new moment to make me appreciate what I have now and make me appreciate his southern summers. Loved this post and the enthusiasm it carries!
Keep meaning to tell you that I love the new header!

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