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09 July 2008


warmed blackberries and rose petal cream? i literally had to close my eyes and imagine...and sigh.

Well, I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and have just read this lovely - oh so lovely - post, evocative as always of a sense memory. Beautiful and delightful. I have usurped my usual early morning pleasure, but shall return to sleep happy.

Have u seen the tea that actually blosssoms into a flower in the pot where it steeps?

Personally I steep loose black tea and for the 3 hours i was able to withstand the "Detox Diet" it was insisted upon that one use a tea called of all things 'smooth move' for you-know-what!

I'm always deeply mistrustful of Rose-Black tea. The rose flavor is always so strong and I often wonder how they achieve that. I always look at the ingredient lists, and they never have rose oil as an ingredient, but rather natural flavorings. I'm talking about high end companies btw (think MF, or locally Teance). What do you think?

I am a FOOL for the flavor of roses.

We need to have a TEA PARTY!

I am in love with hibiscus tea at the moment but that last shot is so beautiful I might just change my mind!!

beautiful! I'm relaxed just looking at these beautiful photos.

was looking for links for Dragon Flower tea, and came across this page...delightful. Rose teas are great. I too enjoy the strong British teas, and have had Earl Grey since I was a teenager. (not going to say how long ago that was)One of my fav combinations is the Earl Grey and as strong a rose tea as i can find,the bergamot and rose compliment each other in a unique way.

Hello Angela, Yes, it's quite fun to mix teas-- I only discovered doing this a few years ago but I do it often now. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, hopefully eggbeater will see more of you from now on... ~ Shuna

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