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26 July 2008


Listening to or reading you is a GREAT way to spend my time! Thanks for sharing this.

That was a really good interview! One surprising thing-- your voice is about an octave higher than I thought it would be. It's so cute! But why wouldn't it be as cute as the person it comes in?

Calichef, it sounds too hight to me, but you'll need to get a second opinion from someone who knows me in person. We never really know what our voices sound like, right? ~ Shuna

Good interview!! Your face and body communicate right along with your words! Whole thing interesting, including the literary critique!

LOVE IT! Love you in this video. Can't stop smiling! Ordering the book right now. you are always amazing. xo

You do exceptionally well on camera. Good for you! I was delighted to hear your speaking voice and now have a lovely new perspective on your kind of makes it more multi-dimensional for me. It takes it from what I imagine you to be/sound like/gesture who you really are. Funny isn't it.

Hi Shuna,

Awesome interviews. You are always a pleasure to read AND listen to (and...your voice is not too high). Thanks for the inspiration; I've started reading Heat this weekend :-)


You are a good interview. Very interesting. Your voice sounds friendly, knowledgeable and ready to share. An enviable combination.

Cameron... And I make a mean berry pie. /thanks for watching. ~Shuna

Any additional commentary on the conference? Just curious. Also, sounds like there was some great swag - see second half of that post. Snag any?
And you know, I also somehow expected your voice to be a bit lower pitched. How human it is to make assumptions that fill the gaps of what we know.

ML, My voice is NOT that high-- see comment from someone who knows me above. More comments on the conference? I could go on for hours but my experience is that it takes moths to process those 3 days. As for swag I only take what I need and want because it's too much, but I appreciate why it's there. ~ Shuna

Thanks for sharing your epiphany on success and failure (on video #1). That really resonates with me!

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