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04 July 2008


Your writing has bewitched me. You are Reader, and since I live in NYC, and we have a time difference, I am able to begin most days with you. I never know what treat awaits me.

Happy Fourth of July.

CZ. /thank you. ::blush:: ~ Shuna

May you have a sweet and salty independence day. America is 232 years old! Canada day was on the first. Our firecrackers have sputtered out. I hope you enjoy your own rockets red glare this evening!

If we ate everything you describe as holiday food on the 4th, we wouldn't be back on our feet til August 4th--but it would be worth it!! You write delicious prose-poetry!! We want seconds and thirds--then just a taste of fourths!!

You Americans kill me, LOL. On Canada Day when you hear bombs going off, you call 911 to say you are hearing bombs and they have to remind you that it is Canada Day and what you are hearing is fireworks!!

When the girl who gives me a weekly manicure says her son has joined the Canadian military two people responded 'we have an army?"

Happy July 4th

Do you know how to make Brown Sugar Kitchen's waffles??? Yes yes I know you do. Would you tell me?? Pleeeeze? I am in love with me but can't get to Oakland every morning to wrap my tongue around them....please help a waffle lover out!

Stephanie!! Guess what? While looking through my favorite breakfast book I found the base recipe. I'm sure you have it because it's a classic... Replace some of the AP flour with dessicated cornmeal, and voila! It needs a bit of forethought because of the yeast, but yes, it's magnificent, I agree! ~ Shuna

these photos and the perfect, perfect nostalgia are beautiful and what i have come to expect. en pointe and honest. i become more and more infatuated with this blog each time i stop by. lovely.

did y' mean to spell squeezed squozed?

helllo meme. YES! /thanks for noticing. ~ Shuna

Oh, you are making me miss Oakland and going out for breakfast in Oakland and cooking breakfast in Oakland...

this day-long menu sounds disarmingly delicious.
the mention of coconut pastry cream especially made my heart skip a beat, then it up and galloped away at break-neck speed.
what makes it the best?-- not that i doubt...just curious. any hints about your method?

happy belated 4th!

Hello Bryan,

Funny you should ask... I am very close to posting the coconut pastry cream pie filling... But until then, look here for all my hints. ~ Shuna

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