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16 July 2008


Wow! I want to go too!

Alexis! Yes! Go! You must! Bring your CSA box as a picnic! And btw-- you're blog is stunning. Thanks for taking a minute to visit eggbeater! ~ Shuna

It is so true -- one of the few things (other than people) really, really hard to leave about California. And, you know, you have friends with a cabin nearby ...

I'm really glad that someone from the west side of Red Top Road can see how lovely "my" part of the state can be. There are literally scores of places like that within a couple hours drive of the intersection of Highways 20 and 70. The natural bounty of this place can be astounding.

There really is a here, here.

I was 8 when I saw a movie called "Breaking Away" - the scene of the boys jumping in the gravel pit reminds me of your pics so much. I have always wanted a situation like this... It is beautiful! I remember not wanting anything - food, drink - just the water and awe of a setting.

I love this picture Shuna.

Hello Vincent Mack, {always nice to say a whole person's name.}
Quarrys. Yes. I hear you on that one. Ever after that film I wanted to know what it felt like to swim in a quarry. I've come close, in terms of how a body of water can look and feel, and now I see the resemblance here... Thanks for the memory-image.
Just so everyone knows, though, the photographer here is my friend Patrick. He was braver than me-- while I sat on the rocks and swam around, he went exploring with his camera. Although I could have died happy there, the terrain was daunting, to say the least. ~ Shuna

Oh, I love the swimming holes at the Yuba River. Next time call me if you're going up! I'm on the way.

Thank you for you moving posts, especially about Mike. It is rare people take the time to so fully appreciate one another in public. Yes, I love the Yuba, too--it is one of my spirtitual homes.

I grew up in France, I travelled many places around the world, I discovered the Yuba river and I just fall madly in love with it. This place is magical, the beauty of it takes all the thoughts and worries away, it is the best.

Yes, I marked that big X on my heart in 1985 and I too am changed forever by the beautiful Yuba also. As a newlywed I lived in the area many years and visited every chance I got. Now I am back home in Colorado and take a road trip to NoCal every two years, camp in the Sierra foothills nearby and and bathe away my troubles in the beautiful Yuba and American Rivers. I've searched for anything similar anyplace else and have come up short. It's truly magic!

how do you get to this spot at the yuba river? please email me.

hello Rebecca, I got to this spot by driving to the Yuba River and walking into town and asking how to get to a spot we could swim. It's a bit of a steep climb down some massive boulders but you'll see locals and visitors alike. It's truly stunning and absolutely refreshing & I hope you make it there.

As a warning, on the side, about the Internet-- you do not want to 'publish' your email address. I have erased it from your comment for safety reasons to protect you, but some other sites might not be so conscientious. ~ Shuna

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