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11 August 2008


You have a way with words, great post! As hard as it can be- those times in the desert can be the most insightful, especially when the compass isn't working.

Congrats, on the slow nation dessert.

I think those are great qualities to have actually... it would even make the world a more pleasant place if we all shared that with you. "transparent", i like that...

This summer will be marked by neither spike, drought, nor gape; but rather tagged with a feeling like one might have if one found oneself in a desert with a broken compass and only the wind to speak or listen to. I've been advised to listen to the silence and it is from there the answer will come.

The editor in me is in love with this paragraph. The rest of me simply empathizes (and sympathizes too).

It's reading powerful pieces like this that make me even more regretful I didn't have time to spend with you at the BlogHer conference.

I'm with you 100%! Long live the era of courting! I wouldnt mind the fancy dresses ;)


You know I didn't realize that what I wanted was to be courted. Not until I read your post that I got it in my heart. I want to be courted and I am going to put that in a post...tomorrow for True Love Tuesday.

You are a GEM! Hold on to that!

I can relate to this post as well. Where does one go to be courted and to court? If you have figured this out let me know?

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