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25 August 2008


I'm dawdling at a career crossroad and I've lost my culinary mojo - your writing always serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the sentiment that 'if a path already exists, it belongs to someone else'. (I'm cringing at how inelegant that looks as words on a screen, but I can't recall the original!)

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of all that you do! :)

it doesn't matter if you have a name on your jacket or not as long as you are happy with what you do and make enough money to live. We all have to eat, go to the doctor, think about our future, pay rent/mortgage... I was telling someone the other day that I started in this business with 2 college degrees and a masters making $9/hr and even at my highest level, which was managerial, I made $13/hr! Crazy business. So yes Shuna, do whatever you have to do. Call yourself independent contractor, freelancer, whatever, but you are a pastry chef in essence. I still call myself a pastry chef even though I don't make money from it. It's in my blood, my brain, my heart and my soul.

I never know if you pierce my heart or fill it up. But, as always, your writing is bold and beautiful and absolutely exhilarating. Your independence is unmatched by those who start their own businesses. They just trade one boss for another, even if it is themselves.

With the release of such powerful intentions as: "O Great Fork, please pick me up and pair me with the delicious next", you are in for some pretty amazing times ahead... WOOHOOOOOOO!!! =)

as usual, its like you are reading my mind,we are so"in the same place at the same time" that it some times blows my mind! I worked as a bartender last night,great tips,charming banter with the customers- a nice change of pace from the cooking grind! I might to it again-almost like a paid vacation. And best of all, I got to actually look like a girl!!!!!!!

With all due respect to adjectives, I think your nouns and verbs aren't bad, either: "Pair me with the delicious next." Dang!

Things do indeed sound interesting for you these days. Might be time to make peace with a bunch of slashes. Namely: pastry chef/consultant/cook/writer/teacher/photographer/vegetable seller. You can't help it if you're multi-talented.

I have nothing eloquent to say. I want to EAT one of those donuts!

Athen, One more reason to love you. xo ~ Shuna

You know I love this post, not only because I find myself in a similar position and also because when people ask "so what do you do?" I answer "well it depends what day"....but more so because I was able to email this to my dad who does not get the way I function. I tell him it's not because of the money or lack thereof but because to me it is just like breathing. Now with your words he might get it!!


Uh, just tell them you work at a glue factory, with no facial expression. The conversation will rarely go further.

Thank you for the totally bitchen photograph of the bridge at 4am, nicely done. I made a video once, while driving. I don't recommend that.


Hi, Shuna - just some kudos: You've been given an Arte y pico Award. Please check my blog for details!

I do like "stay at home pastry chef" though I suppose you rarely do! I would add that Japanese genius Sadaharu Aioki to your list.

I'm an adjunct professor, and while I have more freedom than tenure-track tied into departmental duties, I am also paid significantly less for a lot of work, so I can completely relate. But I would die if I did not teach Women's Studies and Literature. It is an ever-changing field, and my concentration, Women in the Middle East, especially needs positive images and authors. We do want me love, Shuna, I agree, but I too cannot believe sometimes how little financial compensation there is for what we do...and we're just talking living wages.

Btw, I've had people do the same thing to me-- looks of confusion-- when I tell them I don't want tenure.

Wishing you the best of freedom.

How about calling yourself a "Free Lance Pastry Artist?" The "artist" covers it for your pastry work, your photography and your writing! When asked where you work, give the name of your DBA. Most people don't want more than that. :-)

At last, someone who understands where I am coming from. Although, yours does sounds more impressive. And maybe I should change "freelance" from my resume to "independent contractor". Sounds more... serious. Hereabouts, "freelance" is not a very respected word, and often met with a raised brow... or as you mention, a confused blank look.

Don't you just love the challenge of doing something new every few days/weeks? Of meeting diverse people, even having to bend to accommodate a certain client's quirks.

And I hope to have my name after that "pps" permanently soon!

Hi - loved this blog and column.
I have the same problem when people ask what I I a writer, website host, baker, pastry chef, consultant, teacher?
I've not yet figured out the right answer to make it short/sweet/interesting.
Like you - I do a bit of everything. Including....tango.
(but not with an apron on ...)

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