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08 August 2008


as a total crap of a man the phrase "pie off" makes me giggle.

but as a good man, the pie off makes me anticipate the posts. pie on people, pie on.

seriously. with coffee.

everyone knows that PECAN pie is the best, not to mention sweet potato pie....the list goes on...not sure what the bias is against the southern states...and the fact that cherry season is far over (although bi-rite has cherries from washington right now)...but anyway...

You have so much fun there, I might just have to pack up my family and move to the Bay Area!

Do not underestimate the value of a good name for your pie.

My sister and her husband attended a pie-off a couple of years ago. Someone submitted "one pie to rule them all" which did very well, apparently.

This post was pie-larious!

I'd go--it sounds awesome--but expect to be recovering from the huge amount of great food, drink, and SOFT SERVE I'll have eaten the night before (tonight!) at a certain Larkspur resto you recommended...

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