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12 August 2008


This is fantastic! Every neighborhood should have a competition like this, filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. The photos tell a great story. The trophy is quite a prize! Is there a rule that you have to be willing to proudly display the trophy in your abode for one year or you are disqualified? Great pie naming skill seems just as important as great pie. I love this!

Is that the trophy? How fantastic! I might just have to start an East Coast Pie Off, just so I can win a trophy like that!

Awesomeness! and I love the pie names--whimsical, like flower names. :-)

I loved the photo stream, the whimsical pie names and for a moment, I could actually taste the pie. Thank you for sharing.

Hey, love the blog. I've already found two things to make - Butterscotch Pudding and Doughnuts!

Regarding Pie Off. I must admit the winner was a good pie, and deserved to win. However, LemonLicious, from the same category, deserved a co-winner status from the tropical category.

Am I bitter? A little... ;-)

Is that Disco Dave I see in your other blog posts? I think he DJed our wedding.


Hey! Thanks for looking around! I tasted every single pie at the PieOff and even some of the things that were DQ'ed or should have been. Fill me in on exactly what your pie looked like and I can tell you why it wasn't chosen if you'd like-- or you might remember I was the finalist judge and only had a pinch of input on the category judging...

Yes, that's DJ Dave, or PTB. Hope to see you around here again! ~ Shuna

re: "Heat" interview
Have you read the book "Soul of a Chef" by Michael Ruhlman? I think it tells of the pride of being a chef that the other two books only hint at.

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