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05 August 2008


What a fabulous day! Can we do it again soon... pretty please?

Anyway, it was the epitome of a relaxing summer day... new friends, good food, great pics. What more could one ask for?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

:) R

Ohhh Picco's soft-serve is so delicious, especially with olive oil and sea salt. And the pizzas are mighty fine too.

Shuna -- Important: Picco has eccentric hours. Here they are, in order to avoid disappointment for daytimers:
5-9, Mon.-Thurs.
5-10, Fri.
noon-10, Sat.
noon-9, Sun.

Did you mention Straus milk??

Fancee, hahaha. I wish I could!

Seriously makes me want to hop on a plane and head over there! I am hungry for soft serve! Wonderful shots!

I've been craving soft serve ever since I saw an article about it in the NYT a week or so ago. This place sounds like heaven. I wish it were in the East Bay but...ahhh. Good things are worth the effort. I'm still salivating, from your post, alone, so I can envision getting over there, to the ice cream, today.

Love Eggbeater!!
Discovered it through Slow Food Nation and have bookmarked for my blog on
I have a blog too but, regretfully, I have neglected lately. You've inspired me to start researching and writing again.

Maggie, Thank you and Excellent! I know it feels impossible not to feel pressured by the blog-- but if your blog is you, you can start over at any time. If posts are daunting affairs, mix it up! These are suggestions I give myself, at any rate. Hope to see more of you soon. ~ Shuna

It's very delicious, true. And Bruce Hill is super-nice and really excited about the food, true.

But with every glowing review (SF, NYT, eggbeater), it gets harder and harder for us to eat there. Yay for Bruce and the lovely GM and all the hardworking staff, but... it used to be our favorite walking-distance hometown spot, where went once a week, where we were regulars. That elusive place where they can guess your order before you place it, and with genuine smiles of liking on both sides. Now the price of Picco's success is that it's often too crowded with our SF compatriots for us to get a table anymore.

Oh my!! I want to try it so badly! The NY Times article piqued my interest, but your review really clinched the deal. I have to go there next time I am in the area! Oh!

Ohh..sounds so good. I don't need convincing. All I need is great pizza and awesome soft serve. This they have. Can't wait to go.


One of the nicest things about you is all the support you give to fellow bloggers.

Lovely girl.

AAAH I am dying to go here! I LOVE soft-serve!

Thanks for the reminder I really do need to check it out :)

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