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18 August 2008


I just today found your blog. The entries about chef owners and chef responsibilities are spot on.

Thank you for your insight.

Oh Shuna, you are so lucky! The Vitamix is the best blender I've ever encountered. My mom has one from the 1970s that I grew up using and loving. I search Ebay for one every so often, but they always end up selling for far more than I can afford. Someday though!

We use a Blendtec at work and I love it. it is loud, but, being a man, it sounds like power. hah.

I'm glad you finally got around to playing with your new 'toy'. I just knew you'd feel the same way I do about my Vitamix... though that didn't stop me from indulging in a new citrus juicer last weekend... there's always room for a new kitchen toy, right?

Lucky you!! Not only do I want a tree house but only if it comes with this! Enjoy it!

Oh my, you are so right. My vitamix has changed how I operate in the kitchen. My partner loves smoothies and I love the quality of indian curry sauces and soups I can make. I was so blown away by what my vitamix could do that I sent one to my favorie blogger as a "baby shower" gift. Enjoy!

i have heard so many great things about it too!!

I like your haircut too, I should buy a Vitamix sometime soon - I need a new blender :)

Also - I need to post about Chihuly, I love his work.

oh yes, the vitamix rules! i must use mine three of four times a day sometimes.

(and when someone wants to buy you another present, the dry blade attachment is even more amazing. i must have hit my head on the ceiling, i jumped so high with glee the first time i used it and saw what it could do!)

go blend yourself silly! :)

I miss my vitamix blender a lot! it is the best blender ever. might have to buy it again.

It's definitely my favorite blender.

Yes, yes, yes! I get to use one at work, and I dream of the day when my current blender dies so that I can have an excuse to buy a wonderful VitaMix. I just got my first stand mixer and food processor, so having an excellent blender will get me to the Holy Trinity of quality kitchen appliances. Someday.

I covet your blender! I've got a Vita Mix on my Amazon wish list, but I think it'll be a while before one is ever in my kitchen.

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