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17 September 2008


I ventured outside of my "comfort zone" last Friday before the CUESA Urban Farms tour. Unfortunately, they did not have the chocolate donuts that day. However, I did get to try the Banana Dulce de Leche, Vanilla Bean, and Apple Maple Bacon.... All were DELISH, though I have to say, the bacon one was my favorite with the vanilla coming on for a close second. Thanks for turning me on to this place. I'm glad its not closer to me, or it would be very, very dangerous!

Drool. The chocolate spice doughnuts with a touch of salt are my fave as well, better even than the maple bacon.

You know what Brett? There's no salt on the chocolate spice doughnut. I would not have believed me before I spent time in the kitchen either but it's true-- it only tastes of salt... mystery of the spices.... ~ Shuna

i stopped at four barrels this morning after a foray into rainbow just after i read this. yum! i've been craving more of the spicy pleasure since you offered me a stale one and i became an instant fan. fresh or stale, they taste great. i will be making a regular detour for four barrels now, though i felt like such an east bay bumpkin in there this morning! thanks, as always, shuna. happy travels.

Dara! Eggggselllent, is what I say! Good to hear it-- all of it. I know what you mean about the EB thang-- but at least we in the East Bay can know we live in a whole other world away as well. Replete with Berkeley Bowl and Bakesale Betty and all of Oakland to boot. ~ Shuna

I got the opportunity to stop by while I was in SF and check out their doughnuts, the vanilla bean was exquisite. I cannot say the same for the chocolate spice, I was only able to eat half of the doughnut. I had no interest in finishing it,the spices weren't very strong, and I think I even thought "yuck." Perhaps I caught them on an off day...

I just ate that donut last week :) It was lovely indeed. Thanks as always for the heads up.

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