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16 September 2008


I'd suggest Sally Clarke's restaurant and bakery next door:

Also, in Notting Hill you shouldn't miss Books For Cooks and also The Spice Shop. Handily, they're almost next door to each other!

Sir John Soane's museum -- not food, but fabulous.

have a great trip shuna! i'm so jealous...

I would ask you to check out Ottolenghi and tell us about it. The cookbook is amazing.

It would be one of my first stops after I landed.

Have fun! I used to like nothing more than a bagel at 2am on brick lane, or a jolly good curry down the street from there!

I'm very much looking forward to going back there this october and checking out borough market for the first time (it wasnt very famous when I lived there!)

I'm always intrigued by st johns restaurant, it sounds like your kind of thing.

Have fun and I'll look forward to hearing about your trip.

if yo'ure going to St John, recommend you take some time to pop across the road to Vinoteca - fabulous wineery / restaurant, tiny - bookings only for lunchtime, be prepared to wait for an evening table. wonderful food, and incredible wine list. also, around the corner on Smithfields is the lovely Comptoir Gasgon, rustic french cooking, and the best fries in london. Good for breakfast also.

Well, it's a different town than when I grew up there, but a few ideas (not all food):

+1 for Sir John Sloane museum.

Hampstead Heath. Wander aimlessly. Grab a crepe at the crepe stand near the Hampstead tube stop.

Walk across Abbey Road to re-create the Beatles cover. (Cheesy? Yes!)

Visit Westminster Abbey if you have an interest in ancient English royalty and poets.

Climb the stairs to the dome of St Paul's cathedral. Great views of London.

Go window shopping at Lidgate Butchers.

I would have to go to a curry house that served prawn puri. And eat some crispy aromatic duck in China town. But that's just me. I wouldn't expect anyone else to feel the same way about London that I do.
Have fun!

Thank you Sam.

I appreciate very much your insight, and your glimpse of your London. There is a Chinatown dinner for my arrival tonight and I will look for crispy duck...

I have my own private relationship with London from living here 20 years ago, and also my name was discovered in London, as well as my inception. {Just a little secret exchanging.}

Perhaps I will conjure you and be inspired to make some Bakewell Tarts... ~ Shuna

off the top of my head: pasties at Stiles at the Strutton Ground Market near Westminster. and any Gordon Ramsay, if you can swing it (I loved my meal at Royal Hospital Road, but the Boxwood Cafe was great too).

When your at the Borough Market be sure to go to Neal's Yard. Cheese Heaven :)

Konstam at the Prince Albert sources their food locally. Go for lunch if you want the experience for less $$$.

Also check out Verde's in Spitalfields (Jeanette Winterson's little shop.)


Jeannette Winterson has a shop? Are you serious?! Oh no, I may have to stalk her while I'm here-- was at one time obsessed with her prose. Thank you thank you thank you. ~ Shuna

For coffee, 3-4 spaces: Monmouth is ok for beans, and they do decent drip (get the medium roasts), or if you go a little farther in from their SoHo branch, you'll get to Flat White on Berwick, Aussie coffee which is fantastic. They have an outpost, Milk Bar, not too far from there. For really up to speed stuff, check out Square Mile Coffee Roasters in East London (273 Poyser Street London).

Other than that, the Duke of Cambridge Organic pub in Islington, Moro on Exmouth Market, Konstam at the Price Albert (forages all their product from within the M25, aka London city limits), and of course, the Beighel Bake in Brick Lane. Best 2 quid you'll spend, and open 24 hours to boot ;-).

Steves, I could kiss you for this comment! Thank you ever so much! ~ Shuna

We have enjoyed the gastropub Thomas Cubbitt in Belgravia, but I always look for good Indian- I think Amaya is supposed to be top notch

Oh how glorious. I just saw on twitter you were in London and I thought to myself, I was just on her blog the other day... how did I miss her leaving?

I have no suggestions to offer, it's been ages since I was last in London. But I do send hopes that you have a fantastic time and bring back lots of pictures and stories.

I'll be in SFO next week... not sure if you'll be back by then. If not, then I'll just have to plan another trip down.

awesome - if you haven't been to dinner yet - I recommend having at least a quarter of duck to yourself and no sharing, it comes with pancakes, hoisin sauce, spring onions and cucumber. I used to ignore just about everything else on the menu and just eat the crispy aromatic duck. I can't find this in SF - only peking duck which isn't as crispy. Would love to know what you think of it. Drink lots of water - very salty!

bakewell tart? what you really want is bakewell pudding but you'll have to come to bakewell for that... if you ever venture north you'd be most welcome.

also can i back up the moro suggestion. enjoy borough market. it gets more hectic every time i go down. if you do go to ottolenghi their fruit syrups are divine.

No fuss hon -- although I have to say I forgot two boozing spots!

One is Freud Bar off Tottenham Court Road and Monmouth St; awesome mixed drinks. And in Greenwich if you're up for the jaunt, The Union, Meantime Brewery's official pub is awesome this time of year.

I just like walking the University College, Notting Hill and Borough Market. Actually I like walking London, period. It's been an eternity since I was there last so I can't recommend anything for fear it's gone or changed by now.

Welcome (back) to the big Smoke!
1) Great queen street - its a gastropub and its great.
2) Zilli fish (soho) for the lobster spaghetti.
3) Yautcha(soho) for the dim sum.
4) Sakura(oxford circus) for the sushi
5) Cambio de tercio(gloucester road) for the spanish

...and you must go to berry bros and rudd (green park) for the wine, its a great shop :D hope this helps, enjoy your time in london!

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