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18 September 2008


Oh, please take tons of pictures and post lots, lots, lots while you're in England. I want to hear EVERYTHING about food. My mother was a war bride, and I spent tons of time in England growing up and instead of having horrible memories of English food, mine are fond. Oh crumbly Cheshire cheese and Hovis bread and fresh from just under the chicken (who wanted to peck me to death) soft boiled eggs and green onions and cherry tomatoes and Rowntree Fruit Gums and Pastilles and on and on and on..........

Nice to be joining you--at least in a "virtual" sense, in your trip there, Shuna. Big hug to you from over here. Lisa

if you're still in London try a visit to Ottolenghi. My current favourite place to eat in the capital. In part inspired by their yummy cakes I am this weekend running a cake stall at the nether edge farmers market in Sheffield. It's in conjunction with a pastry chef friend who actually knows what they're doing. He's making half the stuff so at least some of it will be utterly delish. My mission is to learn a lot, have fun and try not to ruin his reputation by putting my stuff out next to his. I should also say some of my inspiration is from eggbeater. I hope you're enjoying your visit. Ottolenghi have, I think 2 outlets in London the one I know is a five minute walk from Angel tube.

I love your blog and read it often, but have never commented before. I'm so happy that you're down in my neck of the woods. You must be sure to visit Borough Market for some special (read: expensive) treats! :)

Hello Samantha, Thank you for stepping out & being brave and saying hello. Yes, of course I will go to Borough Market-- I am meeting a cousin there this week end. I will go as much as I can before I depart, in fact. I sniff out some of the not so expensive treats so that I can part take without robbing a bank. Thank you again, Shuna

I love and hate St. John. Do they still allow smoking? That really killed it for me.

The christmas puds we have picked up year after year are outstanding.

I have no idea if they have them now.

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