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12 September 2008


That's upsetting. I want some real edamame!

I grow Fava's, and I will give you as much as you can handle. I grow them in the front yard. They are planted late October. They will be from last years seed.(Non-GMO). They are a fun plant and easy to grow. The add nitrogen to the soil. Everybody wins.
One last point. My Dad,used to say,(Fava's}, "They are a lot of work for what your get"

It would be great if there were a lot of farmers who grow organic vegetables, or better yet, grow the vegetables yourself :)


Yes, I agree, and many more Organic farmers exist than might have a dozen years ago-- but saving this legume from partial extinction is a big deal, one which, if we are all not made aware of, will surely disappear.

If everyone who had dirt near them could grow a bit of their food, imagine the revolution! But it is important to remember that most urban dwellers do not. Maybe we could train a Small Farming Army to teach people how to grow just a little bit... ~ Shuna

now just need to get Heirloom Soybeans

I have heirloom, organic soybeans. I have 32 varieties for sale. I don't have enough to sell bulk, these are for growing your own in your garden.

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