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06 September 2008


Finally!!! Someone else who understands. What a relief!

I LOVE this. Marcella Hazan has a description for peeling (regular-size) tomatoes, using a "sawing" motion with a peeler. I couldn't figure out what she meant until I took a cooking class with her, and she wasn't kidding. I use a "sort of" sawing motion with a y-shaped peeler, and it works without having to boil the tomatoes. It would, however, not work on the little guys co I'll definitely give this a try. After all, I always strain the eggs I'm going to use when I do a bound breading, and I'm not a pastry chef. In cooking I've found it's the little extra steps that separate the men from the boys (so to speak).

Shuna, this is so sexy it hurts :P I'm off to go buy myself some tomatoes at the farmers market!

"Tomato skin is like pantyhose."

This line is one of those lines that I wish i had written myself.


Thank you.

yes, i have done that too! many times and it is so worth it. i love what the cook told you at the end... so true.

I miss working with a chef that peels cherry tomatoes. It makes a HUGE difference. Worse is being told it's unnecessary.

I just wanted to tell you that this post has completely wedged in my mind, specifically "Tomato skin is like pantyhose. Sheer, almost transparent, and yet truly in the way of what you really want." I was sitting at the dinner table, idly peeling cherry tomatoes (slowly because they hadn't been poached) while waiting for our 3-year old to finish eating. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but you are absolutely right, it is a huge difference. Tomato skin is ridiculously tough.

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