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30 September 2008


Awesome Thanks!

Love Dan Lepard. Just ate two slices of homemade wholewheat bread that I made from one of his recipes using flour I ground from wheat berries myself.

Their Word of Mouth blog is one of my favourite reads. :)

Thanks for sharing the Lepard link, I will enjoy reading his posts.

Whether you read it, holding it in your hands, or online in California, the Guardian is a fine source of good writing. I consider it a daily rite -- coffee and the Guardian to start each morning. It's especially valuable in this time of disappearing papers. Thank God it's there.

For a full on Lepard fest, check out his website and forum.

He's a lovely bloke and more than willing to get involved. I was lucky enough to go on a sourdough course given by him, must write the damn thing up.

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