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01 September 2008


This is so beautiful -

autumn is on the way
when september arrives.

tiptoeing in
like faeries painting sleeping dust
gilting leaves, and crisping their edges
slow and low.

wind is bellowing, or picking up the speed to do so.
we are in tomatoes and strawberries and even figs for a spell
but it's tomfoolery by pixies united. -

that I am speechless.

Oh, man, I felt it last night coming home from the movies. I swear there was woodsmoke in the air, and frozen breath clouds hovering near my nose. I was just about cold in my summer jacket.

I'm having a hard time with it, much as I love fall. This year there hasn't been enough of the summertime swim holes and late-night strolling, even though I took time out to enjoy them.

Or is that me still switching gears, thinking it's time for San Francisco summer just when Portland is preparing to show me some leaves?

Nice writing, friend.

I stumbled upon your blog randomly.. and I have to say thank you. Thank you for your many wonderful words and your very lush beautiful pictures!!

close your eyes
because the light shifts in whispers

How lovely, Shuna...
and a Happy September to YOU!


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