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10 October 2008


Shuna, where did you have the cauliflower soup with hazelnut? Was it a cream soup? Years ago I had such a soup at La Luncheonette in Chelsea in NY and the smell and flavour are still strong in my memory. The was just a little bit of truffle oil drizzled on top.

Maia! Look at you go. You just described what I had the other night! It was at KONSTAM at The Prince Albert in WC1. the restaurant sources 85% of their produce from around Greater London! Beautiful interior, too. It will match your outfit if you go... - Shuna

Sounds delicious. My arteries are calcifying just reading it. Although I didn't notice any coffee on your list. London is home to multiple (current and former) world barista champs at Square Mile Roasters - I haven't tried their coffee yet, but I imagine its pretty phenomenal.

Hello Christian, I might not know you well enough to say hey silly! but hey silly! Did you click on the cappuccino link? I went to Square Mile Roasters on Poyser. I met the people! I drank the drink! I will return! And spread the gospel! - Shuna

Shit I feel like I ought to be reading this post in the ER!

Oh I do recall being a chef and cooking some of those dishes. I had a Chef who taught me how to make a gallantine of know forced meat. So I have clue.

Eat Girl EAT!

Can't wait to see all the photos!

Shuna, six years ago my daughter spent 6 months in London studying at RADA and her main complaint was restaurants (that she could afford) did not serve salads... she said on could not find a lettuce if her life depended on it... true?

Hello Natalie, I have seen "leaves" or salad almost everywhere I've eaten, but I have saved my pennies for some fantastic meals and cooking at home the rest of the time. A lot of salads here refer to potato and egg but the odd leafy green salad I've ordered has been gorgeous. - Shuna

Bit of a chicken-liver frenzy, eh? And that deep-throat comment? TMI. Glad you've eaten well and heartily, and that you're coming home full. Sorry I'm not there to meet you.


What a happy list, full of real food... I've had a few things on the list, but not nearly enough.

I don't see Silver Shred anywhere om your list; oh please ask for some next breakfast for your toast, it's lemon marmalade and it's a wondrous thing!

Ahh, I am silly. I read this at first in my RSS reader and so I didn't see the links. Of course, now I'm just jealous.

Holy crap, if y oate all that I'm guessing they made yuo pay excess baggage charges on yourself, never mind your bags! Why didn't you get in touch before you came? In any event, though, I would probably have missed you as I'm newly back from 2 weeks in... the USA! Another of life's ironies - passing like planes in the night ;-)

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