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08 October 2008


Maybe it's a good thing, to be knocked off balance occasionally as an adult, get lost, lose something... find ourselves at the open end of a question, make us take stock of that moment in a way we never would otherwise. Sometimes cooking is like this too, when you blow something you've made a thousand times... Sort of a zen exercise in patience.

I'm the same way (in regards to direction, etc). Thankfully I somehow store that info, and have been able to pull it out of my brain when being somewhere I haven't been in years. It's incredibly handy. I also obsessively walk an entire city before I feel comfortable ignoring what's going on around me. ^_^

I'm sure you know to be careful while you're out on the streets of london at 3am.

I lost my passport and got a new one today, so I'm all set for some wandering the streets of london myself on friday!

The thing about London is that it really isn't as big as it feels and exceptionally walkable. You'd be hard pressed to get too lost in the city.

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