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16 October 2008


Is this a totally dumb guess? Neal's Yard Dairy.

Petersham Nurseries?

Anthony, is it considered cheating if you already know? ~ Shuna

I'm with Mr Silverbrow - looks like Petersham to me too!

James, wait a second... did I meet you when I went to Square Mile? ~ Shuna

I want the boots.

I'm guessing you went there with Keiko.

Hi Shuna - we did indeed chat when you visited us at the roastery. Sorry we were so busy that day!

I wish I was there! -h

Suffice to say Ms. H. I thought a lot about you when K. and I were there eating and shooting! I can only imagine that if you took photos there we could all lay down and die from extreme visual happiness afterward... ~ Shuna.

I'd recognise Petersham anywhere. Isn't that place just a feast for the senses? Can't believe I STILL haven't blogged my 2 visits there...

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