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30 October 2008


Aaagh! It was the one place I didnt make it to this time, especially annoying since my grandma lives right there and it would make a lovely trip. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until next time.

Shuna, I just really want to thank you today for sharing such lovely things on this blog. The slideshow from this post... I don't know, the way you captured color and light... =)

Very beautiful -- I couldn't help but smile the whole way through. I wish you would consider making a book of your photography. Really.

I love that-- "altars to new gods." I do that too, endlessly playing with objects in my abode, but I also struggle with my obsession with aesthetics, always the little worm of guilt wriggling in the background--This is superficial, it whispers in its evil little worm voice. But you've killed the worm for me today, Thank you!

Aww I'd forgotten about Petersham....we lived in Surrey for 5 years. I miss the gardens.

i don't have words for this. unreal. beautiful.

I went to Petersham for my birthday lunch this year and it was amazing, the tastes are so clean and the setting so beautiful. I really want to go back but for a full meal it is a definite special occasion treat.

how eerie... I just bookmarked this spot in my newest london food book; so easy to get to from Chiswick, where we'll be staying part of the time we're there. :)

As eery as me having a dream about you two getting out of a black cab near my flat? see you soon... ~ Shuna

I was there about two weeks ago and had a great time. I blogged about it here and here. Although it was cool and rainy, we had a brilliant time!

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