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17 October 2008


I am so bad! I tell my readers to order raw it from a good pastry shop if they want the real thing and not the supermarket thing. When making a dinner party I just don't have the energy or patience to fold and roll, sorry. OTH, I bone animals with a flick of an eyelash. Maybe puff pastry is too zen for someone like me?

Puff pastry is my mistress... teasing, demanding commitment of time and muscle. Often I cop out and make the blitz version.

Is that "rough puff" what they use at St. John's for the Eccles Cakes? Those Eccles are nothing at all like puff pastry as I know it, but wonderful chewy stuff nonetheless.

Hello Elsewhere, I have heard them say they use puff pastry at St. John's but I have not met the actual dough in person so I don't know if its proper or rough. Good question, though. I imagine the people who know the secret are very proud, as their Eccles Cake is like none other. ~ Shuna


I was just thinking about attempting puff pastry for the first time this coming weekend. I also found a video how-to made by a few food bloggers which is helpful for the visual element in the folding - I was confused when I first read the instructions. Seeing it helps. Thanks for still more guidance and encouragement!

Colleen, Thanks for the link. Just so everyone gets due credit-- the two women in the video are Chez Tse and Amy Glaze. Thanks all! ~ Shuna

Hi Shuna! I stopped into Ottolenghi over the weekend and thought of you!
I love puff pastry, and can't wait to watch this step by step demo. Thanks for the link, and keep up the great posts!

Reading this takes me back to my first puff pastry class in culinary school. I actually wept when I saw what the results of lovingly tended flour, water and butter could become. I thought it was more sumptuous than the grandest French velvet I had worked with in my previous career. That's when I really knew I was choosing the right path.
Thank you for the the links, too!

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