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21 October 2008


This is fabulous.

You really should write a memoir.

Maybe you already are.

I hope so.

Hey - glad you enjoyed the visit. It is a shame we aren't really set up to be public facing but we hope to have something next year in terms of a retail location.

One quick correction - the person who rambled on at you was me, and I am the owner (Stephen was away on barista tour in Colombia then I think). [corrected-- so so so sorry!]

Hope to see you again soon - love the photos! Though next time I will make you a much prettier capp! (Though you are right - Matt from Milk Bar does make very strong but tasty drinks!)

Dear James,

Please please accept my apology! I feel daft indeed. oof. Well at least you like the photos. You will see me again, with apologetic baked goods in hand. ~ Shuna

Ohh... your piece makes me remember the rush-- and why I had to quit the stuff. It got too dangerous. (I react VERY strongly to caffeine.)


Ha! very funny, hadn't realised you'd turned up cold like that - I really should do the same. James is a v nice guy, sounds like you had a walm welcome and the cap doesn't look so sloppy.

Great post :)

Oh, what a great experience! Being in Seattle, of course the coffee theme truly speaks to me. :-)

Wow, we were in London at the same time. What an amazing town but its a must to know your espresso stops. I had my list as well, monmouth, flat white, taylor street barristas...
Yes, Vivace in Seattle is a must, Zoka in greenlake is also quite nice.

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