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02 November 2008


What a nice surprise to discover this online! Thanks for the great write-up, Meg, and for putting together a day full of so much positive energy! It's not so mysterious how I found you all. I've used the Obama site myself, for two fundraisers I've done: Cajun-Creole house parties with live music. (My husband and I are the fiddler and accordionist with local band Sauce Piquante.) I was looking for one more thing to do for Obama: And there you were!

You have a wonderful group of friends! Turns out my 25 year old son has been to BSK, says it's great. My husband and I are planning to go today for the first time-so maybe I'll see Phil there!

Fingers crossed on Tuesday!


PS Thanks for the kind words about the cookies. But let's face it, they need salt, no matter what that recipe says!

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