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28 November 2008


Oh, me too!

Peyton and Stine sound like a pair of villains from a Dickens story.

Maybe I'll use that myself...

O Drew! And if you do, you must have one of the villains drinking Builders Tea, as that is one of the "names" in this brand's line. {Although it is Peyton & Byrne but you can't see that because my photo is a bit out of focus, sorry.} ~ Shuna

I love tea so much Being in Canada there's a lot of British influence around. I like going to the local "British" style tea shop to pick up my whole leaf black tea just so much better.

Of Course living in Vancouver I go to the local Chinese tea shop to pick up awesome Chinese green teas.

I pack it up every time I go home. Miss it so!

I always seems that having the traditional beverage (or food for that matter) in the country it is associated with always tastes better. love those carafes of cheap red at Paris bistros!

Yes, tea is good. Tea the proper English way, made with boiling water poured on the tea directly. Not a pot of hot-ish water in a pot to be applied to a tea bag after it has been brought to your table.

Indians make good tea, spicy with ginger, cardamom and cassia(cinnamon) with evaporated milk.

Having said that, Vietnamese coffee knocks even the best tea into a cocked hat. Come to Broadway market in Hackney and see Rob and Tuyen, they will ruin your life and make you addicted to the stuff.

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