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29 November 2008


Enjoyed your caramel cake - thanks!

I just wanted to thank you for your lovely recipe - it was a pleasure :)

It was an honor and a pleasure to make your cake! You made the whole neighborhood happy!

No, thank YOU. It was an honor and a privilege to showcase your recipe. I learn something new every time I make it.

Now I need to explore the other recipes of note, for when my turn to host comes around again in 2038. :)

Wonderful, fun recipe that we got to make this month! That frosting was absolutely addicting and the final product was devoured by many! Thank you!

Thank you for yet another wonderful cake! It was deliciously sweet and magical in it's disappearing qualities.

Thank you for the great recipes! I've now got your butterscotch on my mind. Best wishes!

As soon as I saw that this was one of your recipes, the Challenge was a must do. Lovely cake. Particularly like the browned butter and caramel flavor combo in the icing. MANY thanks!

Shunaa! Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful cake recipe. I absolutely loved it! :D

Thanks for sharing your recipe Shuna... that was a sweet explosion enjoyed by many around here. Daring Bakers are determined and outspoken arent they? Like my mom says... "ene ama!"

I loved this cake. It was a lot of fun to make and I learned a lot in the process. Everyone around me really enjoyed it as well. Thank you.

Your cake was divine! Thank you for your generosity!

Great recipe! what a delightful cake. :-D

Thank you for your lovely recipe- it was a great pleasure to make a cake that so many enjoyed.

Love all those "d" alliterations--isn't alliteration fun, and it's powerful, some say even more powerful than rhyme!! the baked goods look great too!!

I hope that someday, I, too, will be daring enough to be a daring baker!

wow. found you via tartelette. and i can't thank her enough!

{also, had to kirtsy your 365 photos. stunning.}

Thank you for a great challenge, love love loved it!!

Thanks for a great recipe from one of the Alternative Daring Bakers. It worked great gluten free and I'm glad you like our tea. If you don't know them look up the Covert Garden Tea house, they have some great teas.


I can't thank you enough for your support and patience, and for letting us use your recipe. You'll always be a Daring Baker!

Thank you for providing this wonderful recipe for our challenge this month. I had a chance to try several things I've never done before and really stretch my abilities.

Erik, As a baker and an instructor-- this is fantastic to hear! I still remember the first time I made a lot of what I do everyday now, and it still gives me thrills! ~ Shuna


I'm tantalized! Yummm City!!!!


~ Paula

Thanks Shuna for sharing your recipe and knowledge with us. We all loved the cake!

You rule, Shuna. The cakes are so wonderful!

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