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13 November 2008


Wonderful story, Shuna!
I love your writing and look forward to the day when you feel "ready for Portland". You have a lot of friends here!

you have a wonderful touch with words Shuna. And that story at the end is marvelous!

Thank you for the link to the stuffed cabbage recipe. My grandma died last year at 99 (feisty and politically engaged to the last), and I've been regretting terribly the last few weeks that I never got her stuffed cabbage recipe, as I've been craving it. I miss her, and it feels like a link. Sometimes what you want just appears to you. I;'m going to try it out and see if it's the same(ish).

Oh, gosh - the link doesn't work! I hope it's something you can post (or maybe even e-mail to me).

Diane, It's so wonderful to hear your words here again! We missed you. There was not a link until just now. A quick look on Google produced a lot of the same recipe. I imagine my mother didn't use margarine but besides that she followed the recipe and made it hers according to her tastes and memories... ~ Shuna

oh how i love this post! in my mind, food is family, food is love.

I love the story and your writing, Shuna.

I want to add that I don't understand the reluctance some people have to share recipes. Cooking is such a personal experience . . . everyone's touch and emphasis will naturally be a bit different.

Best wishes for your adventure in the UK.

Grandmothers come in all shapes and attitudes! Take mine for instance-she hates cooking, absolutely hates because the weather in India dictates that you stay as little as possible in the kitchen that fast heats up into an oven!

BUT, the dishes she makes are absolutely DIVINE. Be it a simple spinach dal or boiled potato curry or complicated Indian sweets..they all taste yummy...but no amount of cajoling would work, she has to be convinced that she needs to enter the kitchen!

I have made transatlantic calls in the dead of the night to her to confirm and clear recipes.

Just thought I would share.

As a kid eating cholishkes (cabbage rolls) each time i could not eat them made with rice..used to think the rice looked like a worm - this day I do not use rice.

The foods I cook or the handwritten recipes I read from my mother and grandmother make me closer to them. Sharing a moment even miles away. Recipes are a history book as well as a story book.

That is SO my grandmother, it's not even funny. She is superstitious about not sharing her recipes. Of course, I don't know if there even would be a point in writing them down because she had, as you say, "the touch" and she never cooked from actual recipes, only from her head. And, naturally, everything is "a little of this and a handful of that" and the meat has to be from a specific store and the tomatoes of a specific kind. *Sigh* I love my grandma. :)

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