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16 November 2008


How exquisite! You caught the intensity of the class, as well as the beauty of those macarons...

i admit to a preference for coconut macaroons than a french macaron. or is it possible that patisseries here are just not doing it right? never met one that i even like. although i might make an attempt to try making some, probably next year, when the christmas bake sale rush is over. =D

Hi Shuna! Such a lovely post - I am so glad you enjoyed it so much and look forward to seeing you at future meetups. Welcome to London! :-)

Hi Shuna

It was good to have met you there! Everyone was very impressed with your background and knowledge...

Oh my gosh, Shuna, what a great post! I am not the envious type, but I do wish I could have been there with you guys. And, what great flavors you got to make, too!

I love Pierre Herme's (and Laduree's) macarons, but have been a bit intimidated to try making them, myself. I am eager to find out how well you do with macarons, now that you have taken the class.


~ Paula
(from Ambrosia Quest)

Wowzers. These are gorgeous. I wish there was an equivalent in Toronto, I'd be all over it!

I have just read a few posts about this class and it sounds great. I'll have to find out how to get myself on the list for the next time!

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