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04 November 2008


what's on election menu?

This just gave me goosebumps. I'm heading out to vote - and plan to hit the poll by 6 am. I cannot wait to cast this vote for change, and my heart is light just thinking about the possibilities ahead.

Have a good one.

I lurve going to the election polling place and dropping off my paper ballot. I guess I could vote early, but I always hold requires much thinking, and also the joy of 'being there' and seeing the excitement on everyone's face.

This is MY right. I'm taking it!


"No country has ever made the poor richer by making the rich poorer."

Abraham Lincoln

16th President

Freer of Slaves

"A nation can no more make itself rich by taxing its citizens than a man can lift himself up by standing in a bucket and pulling on the handle."

Sr. Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister

What a day. I am proud.

Nationally - we did it!!! We really did it!

I am hopeful that the world lets us play nice in the big sandbox again. I am hopeful that we can all recover and pull together in the work ahead.

I am hopeful that the results of Proposition 8 here in California will prove that we are not judgmental, and that we are, instead, accepting, and loving.

I am hopeful. For the first time in 8 long years.

This is a fabulous post and a fabulous day. Congratulations, I was nearly in tears when I woke up this morning to see that Obama had won. I am so pleased for you all and know many people in the UK who agree.

I am so grateful for this day. Yes we can!

I'm 62 years old and I have voted in every election. Sometimes I was happy with the outcome, sometimes I was disappointed. This time I cried. I cried because I was proud to be an American. I cried because I was proud of America!

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