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02 November 2008


Shuna this is what makes life worth living...changes when we least expect or want them...Good luck.

Twenty years ago i had an opportunity to move cities as my husband was offered an incredible opportunity but life for us was already good and I was too afraid to leave my family and friends.

To this day, I regret that decision more than any other I have ever had to make. I had an opportunity to take the fork in the road and I continued straight.

I do hope you will continue your blog even though I never met you I enjoy the intelligence of your writing.

If ever I had the opportunity to give my kids my opinion on whether they should take the fork - as much as I would miss them I would nevetheless tell them to take the fork - you can always come home.

So glad you made it up there before you left. My friend's son is the sous there -- Todd Kerlin. Will have to get there the next time I'm in town.


I loved my own time living in England, and am looking forward to seeing the place through your eyes, via eggbeater. Congrats on your bravery to go where the world is calling you at this point in life.


Shuna, I will look forward to your descriptions of your new adventure in England. It's hard to uproot but you find great things happen in other places, too. Travel well in the world.

And here I thought Ubuntu was a flavor of Linux! Wow, big changes afoot...
Hope the preparations are going well. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures across the pond. (Will miss your classes!)


Be sure to meet Dan when you get back to London! Wow, I wanted to move back to Istanbul after my visit, couldn't convince my wife!
Lucky you!
Good luck and safe travel, maybe if I go to Wales for the next Bethesdabakin adventure I could stop in for some tea and finally meet you?


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