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10 December 2008


I always make hot chocolate on winter Saturday mornings for my friend as he heads out to ski, which in the East can be brutal. I think this week I'll make cocoa instead and follow your method. I should be able to find Scharfenberger at Fairway uptown.

oh man... yum!

Nice to see a place that knows how to name a strong, wet latte without having to use the Starbucks style 11 word naming convention.

They have however succumbed to the unrivalled wankery that is so prevalent in the coffee culture in my home country these days. It isn't enough to make a good product in this day and age, it has to have a gimmick, or in this case, copy a 'culture', the culture of the super hip.

True individualism is dead.

I want hot chocolate right now!

And I still love your blog even though you don't have a crush on mine anymore! :)

How beautifully presented! I have been craving hot chocolate today!

I miss that hot cocoa so much. Only a once in a while gig, but oh damn was it above and beyond anything you find here in SF...

Wait a second Steves--- what about the amazing Hot Chocolate at Citizen Cake? Or Tartine? Or Blue Bottle Cafe-- where their hot cocoa was created and designed by Michael Recchiuti?! You can't be serious when you say SF has nothing to offer on the hot cocoa & hot chocolate tip. Methinks you need to get out more... Happy imbibing! ~ Shuna

I LOVE Berwick street so much. From top to bottom. I bet it's changed a lot since my day. Wondering if the chippy is still there, or the fancy sausage shop, the fabric shops, Bar du Marche? The market must still be there. Have you discovered the funny little hidden alleys, just one person wide, that can transport you secretly off Berwick street, yet?

That's the best looking chocolate I've ever seen.

Hee, I've had the Cocoa at Tartine and CC, but both I've found a little hit or miss -- Tartine really does depend on who's behind the bar.

And i'll cop -- yes the BBCC hot choc is awesome, if somewhat one-dimensional (it blends with the Roman Espresso too friggin well!).

And let's not forget Bittersweet in SF or Oakland. There's something about white chocolate with lemongrass, cardamom and star anise that just tingles...

So worry not Shuna darlin', I get out plenty, but nostalgia rings hard sometimes ;-).

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