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04 December 2008


How exciting! Glad to hear things are going well, make sure to get some rest if you can!

Marks and Sparks?

Shuna, Take care of yourself and get settled into your
new life and job, but keep us posted when you can. We all love hearing from you about your work, art and life. And we LOVE your photos and poetry. Happy

Stay warm and toasty,things will get better soon :) You seem to be doing an awesome job at it! :)

Shuna, sounds like an awesome job. It's great, and not always easy, to find the right challenge at the right time. Good luck!

I think it is great to have so many challenges. Not only are you busy but your mind is moving. In my opinion, it sounds like you are right where you should be.
Keep it up!

I'm thrilled for you! Also envious. I've been wanting to get back just working in (someone's)the kitchen and not worrying about anything else, but it's not looking that way for me.

Instead, I'm hoping to produce and distribute cakes and pastries now, and hopefully have my own cafe/bakeshop in the near future. But, I'm scared and plodding around blindly right now.

I do hope you get settled in soon, and get to take in the sights!

Always a pleasure to read this blog no matter what time u write it....

I know what you mean about being hard to take time to settle in. I moved to London three months ago and still can't find the time to have a normal life. Just a fast-paced, busy place, I guess.

You go, girl!! Shuna, your writing keeps getting better, even this piece which seems so quick and casual, the writing skill is there. Plus the way you describe your job--so great that it is so challenging, and that you are rising to the challenge. But please, don't work every minute!! You have many fans, and they want to see you taking it easy. But clearly you love your work!!

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