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18 January 2009


Oh yum. Despite the fact that I grew up with a pet bunny I actually love rabbit. I spent quite a bit of time during a vacation in Florence years back eating only rabbit, since that was one of the few words in Italian I recognized!

Lovely to hear your voice. Get well soon.

Noooooo....not the bunnies!!! JK

Just keep remembering to breath in, long and deep. Hot tea. Deep books. Warm snuggly sheets.

O Kat, you always know. The glubs know the glubs, you know? xxx shuna

Get better! I finally am getting over the cold I caught after returning from sunny Ecuador over holiday's.
Hey at least Obama's inauguration has everyone happy!

had my share of bunny stew in Catalonia a few weeks ago-- worked wonders-- hope it did for you, as well...

Stine, yes. I think that Catalan thang has some magical powers, no? ~ Shuna

There is always a bunny in the oven and a hot drink here for you!! I hope the flu is better and you are back on your feet soon my little angel. Peer. x

Your rabbit stew is pure love. I hope to be able to return the favor one day... xx shuna

Where are you working in London? My daughter lives near Shepherd's Bush in Brookgreen. I want to come to your restaurant. I love your Blog and recipes. I have followed you for a long time.

Hello Sallie, I'm sorry to say I am not working in a restaurant. And I cannot name my place of work on eggbeater. Email me on the side (there's a link in the left hand column) and I'll tell you where you can find some of my tasties in London. I am often in Shepherd's Bush for Middle Eastern ingredients... Thanks for your support. ~ Shuna

I'm glad you have access to the web again but I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. I'm hoping the bunny stew will put you back on track to recovery.

Yesterday I made shortbread cookies according to your recipe and they were wonderful! Check them out on my site if you have time!

Ooooo, I love bunny stew! Good for you, bunny stew too.

Feel better, stay warm, drink plenty of liquids.


Hope you get better soon, Shuna, Shuna. Am sending you letter today finally!!!

i am envisioning a small crowded table with mismatched plates and utensils but a big pot of rabbit stew in the middle. that's at least how it used to be in my family. the more the merrier. enjoy the english hospitality and i hope you are feeling better shuna.

You know what, Aran? the recipe was Catalan! So you might not be that far off... Feeling better finally. The London flu takes hold and doesn't let go! xo Shuna

Seriously now, come back to internet world. You are missed. Hope you are feeling better.

Yikes! I hope you feel better very soon!
Yum...rabbit stew :) seriously love rabbit.


Sorry that you are physically unwell at the time of this posting. I hope you are doing better now.

I thought you would be really interested in food democracy now.

Probably you have already heard about it. But if not, I hope you will help get the organization's message out there or at least sign the petition.

Paul! I'm hoping to catch up with 1000 emails soon, and everything I've missed on the internet for what feels like forever! Eep. How are you? Nice to see you here now and again... ~ Shuna

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