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30 January 2009


This reminds me of a watercolor I have of roofs seen from a window.

Sorry to be so drippy, but I truly am so happy to hear from you on a regular basis again.

It's a bright spot in my day (or night now that we're six hours apart) to see you in my Reader!

Yay!! You are posting again!

i want to see more!

That reminds me of home! I wonder which part of london you've settled on. My friends all seem to favor the north, around crouch end, stroud green etc. I'm very happy with that too, there are good curries, and lots of parks.

Jenny, North East London is where I've settled. It's both quiet and close to many buses and an overground, which is perfect for work. ~ Shuna

Lovely. Everything in England is more charming!

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